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Current Residence: Netherlands, Haarlem
Favourite genre of music: J-POP, J-Rock, instrumental
Favourite style of art: manga styles in general
Operating System: Windows Vista (GRAAAAH!)
MP3 player of choice: IPod Video 5G
Favourite cartoon character: Kefka
Personal Quote: Life's a b*tch. If your life is good, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!
't is time to finally post something here and seeing as I've actually been busy doing stuff, I might be able to do slightly consistant uploads. Just a number of things I've done,

- started writing an OC story (at page 11 now, if all goes well, I might upload it).
- discussed starting two different "Let's play" channels with some friends, one for 'Minecraft' and one for other games in general.
- drawn some more stuff, really crappy qaulity, but i like the concepts so I might redraw them.
- began making a giant Minecraft "nether" structure (so far I've finished about 3/48th of it but most of it is copying and pasting) and it's probably going to be used in the "Let's play".
- thought of different 'Splief/Spleef' games, going to have lots of fun with designning arenas.
- gotten a job, going to buy a tablet soon.
- lost all my drawing skill (tedious training regime, COMMENCE!!!).
- discussed adding content to the 'Saraisu' group with Arashi.

Hmm, what else? I've been playing 'monster hunter: FU' and 'Dissidia 012' more often lately so if anyone's up for a game on 'AdHoc Party' I'm always willing to play (I should warn you though, I'm not particularly good at them so don't get your hopes up).

Oh! I've also decided to watch 'Bakugan', why? Nostalgia. It reminds me of the anime I used to watch when I was a little kid, mainly 'Beyblade'. The thing is, I'm two episodes in and I've already lost all interest in the show. Guess that's the nature of the '4kids' beast.

And while I'm on the topic of 'Anime gone down the crapper', I started watching 'Naruto' again (no offence to 'Naruto' fans by the way,) and have found my new favorite filler episode, Shippuuden episode 230.
[Minor spoiler alert]
Naruto's shadow clones rebel against the ill treatment of their master. He discovers they all have their individual characters wich reflect parts of his personality. I love the episode because one of them is either gay or very feminine (personally I think it's the first) and he's sooooo likable that I can't help but love the episode (I have a soft spot for kawaii things).
[Minor spoiler end]

Finally I've compiled a list of games I have high expectations for and am going to buy as soon as they're released.
- Kid Icarus uprising
- Kingdom hearts: Dream Drop Distance
- Final fantasy: Type O
- Kingdom hearts 3 (Probably not even official yet)
- Shin megami tensei: devil survivor, Overclocked
- Shin megami tensei: devil survivor 2
- Monster hunter: Tri G
- Monster hunter: 4
- Minecraft (well, I guess I've already bought a copy)
Looks like I'll be buying a 3DS this year...

Yay! Finally a worthy post, I can slack of for a while again!
  • Mood: Tense
  • Listening to: The Shaft (Minecraft podcast, not Isaac Hayes)
  • Reading: Nothing special
  • Watching: Bakugan!!! (up to ep 2 in 3 weeks. >_< )
  • Playing: Minecraft, MHFU, FF: Dissidia 012
  • Eating: Whatever's on my plate.
  • Drinking: More soda!

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